StoneREX team consists of specialist with extensive experience in production processes and environmental construction. This helps us to ensure constant quality and to find solutions to all challenges set by our clients. The main activity of the company is manufacturing of health and environmental friendly stonechip coated boards, which are mainly used in breathable façade solutions.

As the Estonian climate is characterised by wide fluctuation of moisture and temperature conditions, it is important to use solutions which consider with the impacts to construction structures and materials caused by environmental changes. Breathable façade solutions let excessive moisture out from the structure thus ensuring long life-time of the structure and avoiding health problems caused by excessive moisture. Risks related to an unaired solution are damages to finishing materials caused by moisture penetrating in the structure and alternation of cold and heat cycles and moulding caused by excessive moisture, which is harmful for the health of the people staying in the room.

Thanks to the solutions used in the production process and the good properties of the boards it is also possible to use StoneREX OÜ boards in other application areas than façade solutions. And thus façade and construction boards can be used for covering socles, ceilings, eaves soffits, balconies and wet rooms, also for building agricultural buildings and in gardening as flower bed edges.